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Emmi makes it easy to learn about and implement science-backed, Montessori practices. With the Emmi app in your pocket, access practical daily prompts, guides, events and community, helping you stay inspired and aligned to your family goals, day by day.

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A guide to your child’s ​
personal growth

Our stage-based Planes Course ​introduces you to a beautiful framework ​for understanding and nurturing your ​child’s character and personal growth ​from birth to adulthood.

A library of tested and true ​guidance

Get instant access to quick guides, ​organized by topic, that break ​down key concepts and pair them ​with tools, techniques, and ​inspiring ways that community ​members are making it work for ​their families.

Personal support for your ​parenting goals

Find the feedback, support and ​guidance that gives you ​confidence. Need help redirecting ​a challenging behaviour, getting ​ahead of an upcoming milestone, ​or how early to introduce specific ​skills or concepts? We’ll help you ​connect the dots.

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